Sx Myth Zone

  • Massage therapists canNOT cause fibrosis. It is a result of aggressive lipo
  • You won’t get off of the table flat after lipo and your doctor canNOT suck all of the fat out in one round
  • Smoking cigarettes can compromise your results and slow your healing
  • You canNOT out-surgery a bad diet. Your surgery has to come with a lifestyle shift.
  • Do NOT stay in your stage 1 faja for 3 weeks. You should move into a stage 2 around day 7 postOp unless you had a tummy tuck; with a tummy tuck you wear a medical binder until 2 weeks postOp and then switch into a stage 2 faja
  • Your ability to drain is not a reflection of your massage therapist’s ability as much as it reflects your overall DNA and genetics. Some people heal super fast and wind up draining less. Also, some clients don’t drain much at all the first two days and then drain heavy on the third day. Again, this is not a reflection of the therapist as it is your own body.
  • You do not a medical clearance letter to fly home after surgery in the states
  • There IS down time after lipo; about a week
  • Healing without a faja will compromise your results
  • PostOp massages don’t have to hurt to be effective or successful
  • Your surgeon knows very little about PostOp Care
  • You need to save 30% more than the cost of your surgery for unforeseen expenses
  • It’s not ok to start taking iron. Double up on your Iron after the surgery to replace the blood that you lost.
  • Surgeons at surgery centers in and/or out of the country usually do not see your files or photos until right before they come to mark you up for your surgery the day of.

How long do these results last?

This is one of the biggest questions we get. It is important to point out that nothing in this life is permanent and anything achieved must be maintained. If you achieve amazing results in the gym and just stop working, your results fade. If you dye your hair and it grows out, the colors must be reapplied. If you get braces to adjust your teeth, a retainer must be worn to hold the results firm. Nonsurgical body contouring treatments are no different. It’s important to keep in mind that nonsurgical fat reduction should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and regular exercise. This will help you to maximize and maintain results.

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