Cape-Off Spouse Tutorial

Cape off Spouse Massage Tutorial

While we acknowledge your strength, even Super Man needed help sometimes. After Sx is an opportunity for you to take your cape off, and allow others to take care of you… allow yourself to be loved.

Whether you are coming from a beginners mindset or are building on your skills from you’ve been mastering over the years, our Private Cape Off Spouse massage tutorial is the perfect place to learn how to share the nurturing, relaxing, and therapeutic benefits of massage with your spouse. In between their professional services, learn how to care for them at home as well.

It is a wonderful bonding opportunity where we teach on the floor, chair, massage table, and therapeutic techniques. Our goal is to demystify massage and provide you with the tools you need to feel safe and confident in caring for your partner at home.

We teach through both demonstration and hands-on practice, where you and your partner take turns feeling and experiencing a professional therapists work in combination with each others. In many ways, your time on the massage table will start to emulate the feel and quality of a professional session!

The lesson itself will include a brief overview of anatomy, the basic mechanics of giving massage (no more ‘weak hands’), and an easy to follow protocol for working on the back, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet, depending on your partner’s needs. Then, based on your knowledge and skill level, we may also explore additional tools and techniques on other parts of the body.

All supplies are included – session lasts approximately 60 minutes.