3-2-1 Program

3 ways 2 change 1 body

Lose weight & become your own body goals using a well rounded program made with you in mind. Delicious meals & work out plans for every lifestyle making it easy to stay consistent.

What is it

Whether you reached the end of your postOp lymphatic massage services and would like some body contouring OR you have never had surgery and are interested in nonsurgical body sculpting, this program is for YOU.

How does it work?

3 approaches

We take 3 different approaches to help mold and sculpt your body:

1. Physical

Of course there’s a physical side to this! You don’t get to buy into a program, lay down on the table, and wake up several sessions later skinny. You work and then WE work together. What you do when you are not with your therapist is way more important than what you do when you are with your therapist.

The 321 program starts with a fitness and body evaluation, your current lifestyle habits, and a customized game plan of action formulated to match lifestyle choices with your body goals.

Doing the instructed workouts that come with the Taime Out Sx program helps the skin tighten as the deep body sculpting techniques, machines, and post operative massage treatments break down tissue.

Not only will you be provided with weekly workouts to do in home OR at a gym, your program includes virtual training sessions! You will connect with a virtual trainer to hold you accountable, ensure you are doing the workouts properly, and get your heart rate pumping at a level you can handle.

2. Metabolic

Body contouring uses chemistry and metabolics to mold your body. Which is why your diet, liver health, and immune health are so super important.

The body is prepped to first clear out the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is stimulated superficially, then deeper techniques are applied via wood therapy, skin rolling, cavitation, and other body contouring machines.

Mixed with chemical integration of moving what was released during deeper techniques, toxins and lipid fat stores are depleted. Just as if you were to workout and the body perspires to cool down as well as recruits fat deposits for energy; fat is burned up and during exhalation and perspiration is expelled from your body— when different lymphatic and body techniques are applied, the body releases toxins and adipose tissue in response to the rigorous movements, increasing the body temperature just the same.

By having a healthier metabolic and cellular atmosphere, the body is able to be contoured more easily. Having a clean colon, a healthy free functioning liver, cleared lymph nodes— they all work together to sculpt the body. Drinking water and walking helps to continue flushing the system hours and days after the initial treatment is over.

3. Lifestyle shift

The 321 game plan is a written course of execution to identify the lifestyle habits that are holding you back and lay out a plan of action that is implemented for long term success.

Clients are required to commit to lifestyle shifts. This program isn’t a quick fix but only yields lasting results with lasting lifestyle shifts.

What’s a lifestyle shift? (I’m so glad you asked!)

A lifestyle shift is you making a conscious mental choice to live a better future. Making longitudinal differences for a better life and sticking to them. Being able to acknowledge your toxic habits and shifting to healthier habits.

The lifestyle shifts we help you execute are:

– Changing your sleeping pattern: get more sleep. Put the phone down sooner. Turn the tv off sooner. Retire your mind for the day earlier

– Changing your relationship with food in portions, type, and time

– Cleansing your colon, liver, and immune system

– Detoxing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

– Your water intake: drink a gallon of water a day

– Increasing your daily activity level

Aside from the manual hands-on body contouring and the customized lifestyle shift game plan, the 321 program also includes tons of goodies from weekly meals created by a celebrity nutritionist, healthy restaurant food options, positive affirmations, and a village of support.

Why choose the 321?

Body contouring doesn’t use just one thing to change a client’s body. It’s a compilation of things. Body contouring is the main thing to speed up the process but just like no ONE thing will change someone’s body (ie- working out has the best results when combined with eating healthy, getting sleep, drinking water, etc), so is body contouring. Protocols using cavitation, Yessotherapy, body wraps, mesotherapy injections, wood therapy and more help clients to noninvasively change their body.

But the biggest thing is most other programs aren’t multifaceted. When you simply eat right, you don’t achieve a sculpted vixen look. When you waist train and compress, it doesn’t help you tone. When you only work out with a personal trainer, you become a smaller version of what you already are but with out the super defined curves most people crave. When you only receive lypossage weight loss massage techniques, you’re still not healthy metabolically; with permanent lifestyle changes, within a few months you return right back to the old you— mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Let us help you change that.
It’s as simple as 1… 2… 3