Goddess Therapy

Goddess Therapy

Goddess Therapy treatments are specifically designed for clients that are at least 3 weeks postOp. Clients who are as far along as a few years postOp may benefit from these services as well.

The Goddess treatments include an array of services to achieve the best slimming results. They are a mixture of other individual services we provide. We combine them for the best savings with the best results! These body contouring procedures aren’t intended to be weight loss solutions, but to serve as a supplement to along your body positive journey.


Results from the Goddess Therapy treatments are solely contingent on the techniques you receive, but also how well you care for yourself outside of these treatments. What clients do when they aren’t with us is just as important as when they are.

We help hold you accountable by providing a full program that provides a lifestyle shift of:

  • your eating habits
  • Your water intake
  • Lowering your salt consumption
  • Staying active
  • Compression instructions
  • Supplement list for faster healing
  • & self massage techniques

Which Treatments Are Right For You?

A number of body treatments use mild electric currents and/or pressure, and these methods may not be suitable for everyone. Our licensed therapists will take the time to learn about your medical history as well as your body contouring or perfecting goals so that we can recommend the spa services that will provide the best results.

Don’t wait any longer to see a slimmer, sleeker you. Contact us today to schedule your Taime Out consultation for body treatments that allow you to relax as you effortlessly contour your curves!