Miami Massage Services

Miami Massage Services

Whether you live in Miami or are traveling there for an elective procedure, Taime Out will help you cover all of your basis. When it comes to postOp services, we have set the precedence, employing and honing therapists to be the best of the best.

Our company has been in business for over 8 years with the owner who’s been practicing for 11yrs, and hand trained therapists that have been practicing for even longer. The knowledge and World experience that the team embodies hails from 5 diff continents and 32 countries

Over the years we’ve noticed as elective procedures have become more affordable, the procedures have transitioned from their origins in Thailand and South America to the states but the educational and licensed training to care for clients hasn’t increased. We created a program to fill in the gaps.

We provide…

  • everything you’ll need for your post op care
  • A program to not only speed up your healing, but help to ensure natural results
  • a FREE detox book
  • a diet plan, a light exercise plan once you’re cleared for movement, & a self massage regiment all of which if you follow will decrease the length of time needed for post op massages
  • a recommended supplement list
  • & quality services that can’t be beat

What are you waiting for?

Let’s check “schedule postOp Massages” off your to-do list! You’ve chosen your doctor, you’ve chosen your procedure date. Now time to choose the best massage care in the business.