What is the TOSI Mentoring Program?

The mentoring program was developed to pair business owners with an experienced Spa industry professional, with the purpose of providing advice and guidance to mentees who are actively developing their spa industry skills.  Mentoring allows future moguls to connect with an industry expert to aid in professional growth, the transition from the academic environment to the professional arena, & consultingly nurture marketing campaigns for growth and exposure.  While the nature of each mentoring relationship will differ, both students and mentors will benefit from the experience.

The Role of a Spa Mentor?

A mentor is often a more senior individual with an extensive knowledge base in the Spa Industry who coaches, guides, and counsel students on a variety of topics. A Spa mentor provides support, encourages development, and challenges mentees to stretch their professional limits.  A Spa mentor also shares experiences and wisdom, business consulting guidance, brainstorming and Sound-boarding a mentees professional ideas, & to help mentees narrate their future career paths.

The Role of a Spa Mentee?

The most important characteristic of a mentee is that he or she is willing to commit the time and energy to grow and learn from their Spa mentor.  A mentee is devoted to developing their skills, putting in the work to expand their brand, and enhancing their professional networks to create their net-worth.  A Spa mentee should be positive and excited about their mentoring opportunity and put forth the effort required to receive maximum results from each of their calls.

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” — Steven Spielberg

How much time is needed for mentoring?

The amount of time invested in the mentoring relationship depends jointly on the expectations set by both the mentor and the mentee.  Although it is expected that all participants understand the business commitments & personal sacrifices, we ask that only those who are interested in dedicating the time and effort required to build a solid and effective relationship participate in this opportunity.  We recommend mentors and mentees be in contact at least once a month, however depending on the mentees goals the frequency may be increased. If mentors and mentees are interested in meeting more frequently, we certainly encourage this behavior.

“Show me a successful individual & I’ll show you the silent someones who had real positive influences in their life behind them. I don’t care what you do for a living—The ones who do it the best? There was someone cheering them on who showed them the way.” — Denzel Washington

Benefits of a Spa Millionaire Mentoring Call:

  • Audit and perfect your branding
  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support
  • Learn from your mentor’s experiences (& mistakes)
  • Increase your social and academic confidence
  • Become more empowered to make decisions
  • Develop your communication, study and Industry research skills
  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and professional conflicts
  • Identify goals and establish a sense of direction
  • Develop campaign marketing ideas and concepts
  • Gain valuable insight into the next stage of your career
  • Make new friends & professional networks throughout the International spa and surgical industry

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