Terms and Conditions

Charge Back Policy

Any unlawful charge backs will result in a $500 fine and the resulting court fees.

DMV Clients

Deposits are nonrefundable but may be transferred to another client OR to another service that costs the same or more than initial service paid. If there is a service charge difference, client is to pay the difference before services are rendered.

III. Incisional Massage

After plastic surgery, in response to the traumatic experience that the body has incurred, the direct areas as well the surrounding tissue will have an inflammatory response. The skin in the areas where liposuction was performed, in most clients, fills up with fluid. This fluid is inclusive of but not solely/is a compilation of blood tumescent fluid, anesthesia, interstitial fluid and lymph. During the next six to eight weeks, the body’s natural response to process toxins, waste matter, and the influx of fluid production and retention will be compromised due to the paralysis of the lymphatic system. For this very reason, the assistance of manual manipulation is crucial as your post operative (PostOp) massage team will conduct these services for you, that your body used to do on its own. While these services absolutely are not mandatory, clients who receive them in their original form and entirety, usually yield the best results. This is inclusive of manual incisional drainage. After incisional drainage follows manual lymphatic drainage where the therapist works directly with your rehabilitating lymphatic system until it is able to do it on its own again, around two to three months postOp. PostOp massage services in their original dorm are inclusive of external and internal lymphatic drainage. These services are to be performed by a surgeon, a nurse practitioner, a massage therapist, or an esthetician who has continuing education, certification, and experience in wound care. During the external incisional drainage portion of your massages, your wound care expert will lightly apply external pressure to your surgical incisions and manually drain the respective areas. Performing the techniques this way allows your body to have a jumpstart — a shortcut if you will — to healing faster. These services take place solely between Day 1 and Day 7 postOp as your body continues to heal faster. As your body starts to heal, your therapist will be able to give a better idea of how long and how many days you will need to receive external incisional drainage. For example, if the amount of fluid your body is expelling starts to taper off around Day 3 or 4, your services will be switched over to internal assistance; the techniques performed will change to manual lymphatic drainage. Incisions are only reopened when needed. Past 7 Days, clients only receive manual lymphatic drainage. While performing services in their original form consistently yield the best results, they are not mandatory. We encourage you to be a part of your treatment game-plan as we work with you to create an experience that best suits journey goals. Discuss your options with your therapist at the start of your sessions.

Miami PostOp Appointments

1A. additional appointments are reviewed with client at the end of initial appointment. Subsequent appointments are to be paid in full at this time.
2A. Full refunds will be given and honored for any appointments that are not rendered to clients due to hospital visits with a doctor’s note. Otherwise, there are no refunds.

3A. We are unable to travel to hotels or addresses outside of a 10 mile radius of Miami Airport. Please check that the address of where you will be receiving your massage services are within our travel zones before booking your location.

4A. Clients cover all hotel parking fees.

5A. Due to parking extremes we are unable to accommodate any services in Miami Beach. This includes: Key Biscayne, Crandon Park, Virginia Key, Fisher Island, Dodge Island, All of Miami Beach (North & South), Surfside, Bayshore, Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles Beach and Hollywood Beach.

6A. Due to the influx of theft and robberies we will no longer be able to accept cash payments.

7A. All services must be tendered either by cashapp, credit card, email invoice, apple wallet, venmo, Zelle, or direct bank transfer. Paypal is not an acceptable form of payment.

8A. Please confirm ahead of time your Recovery House allows outside visitation. If the recovery house doesn’t allow outside visitation, client may travel to therapist. While we welcome clients into our professional space, for safety and space reasons guest that are not receiving services must wait in common areas.

9A. Time of appts & arrival: see Miami only policy under section XI.

Non-DMV Clients/Out of state clients only

Be sure to go over all the massage dates with your consultant at least 2 weeks prior to Taime Out’s arrive to your city. After that time frame you are financially responsible for any and all appointments booked for you.

We do not provide any refunds unless we are not able to accommodate your service. Deposits are final and non-transferrable. If your originally booked procedure has any date changes you will need to make a new deposit for your new dates.

If we are delayed for any travel, weather or disaster related events we will schedule you for alternative dates and times. Due to any unforeseen circumstances, if we are not able to perform your previously scheduled services, you will receive a full refund within 48 hours.

Additional Appointments (in any state except Miami & DMV trifectas):
1A. after your initial appointment your therapist will reassess your condition and body goals with you, make a recommendation of how many more appointments you will need.

2A. You will have the option of paying each appointment as you go at MSRP or picking a package that fits your needs.

3A. Additional appointments are to be paid before services are rendered.
4A. Additional payments are to be rendered either through Square or email invoice, Zelle, or Cashapp.

Trifectas (out of state clients traveling to Maryland only):

1B. trifectas are due in full at the time of booking.

2B. Hotel/boarding accommodations are to be shared with Taime Out and Associates before booking to confirm they are within our travel parameters.

Repeat Taime Out Clients

f you live in the home state of your therapist and would like to be scheduled for an appointment after leaving Miami you will have to be fit into the current schedule availability.

Realistic expectations, no guarantee, results vary

Be advised that results may vary based upon variables, parameter, predetermined genetic dispositions — age, BMI, ethnicity, dermal elasticity, liver function, immune system, diet, metabolism and other personal factors outside of the control of Taime Out Inc. As a company, we will strive to assist you based on your predetermined factors, to provide the best aesthetic results, however, we do not guarantee any outcome.

VII. We are not doctors

Taime Out Inc. and their associates are not doctors. They do not diagnose and do not provide any prognosis on any preexisting or potential medical conditions. They facilitate and aid the body’s natural homeostatic course. You are specifically advised that massage therapists at Taime Out Inc. and their associates cannot medically induce certain conditions such as fibrosis, seromas, scar tissue embolisms, or fat transfer depletion. If these conditions manifest, they are a direct result of your elective procedure and occurred during surgery; or your predetermined genetic markers (i.e. tight skin, elastin fibers, and metabolic health).

VIII. In-Session complications

Communicate any iodine, oil, or latex allergies at the beginning of the session.If any reactions present themselves, client becomes unconscious, or faints during session, session will immediately conclude.

Communicate problems and concerns with the company first before social media platforms. Taime Out Inc. and their associates would like to ask for professional courtesy when resolving concerns, disputes, discontentment, and qualms of professional nature. We encourage you to participate in the First Time Client Survey Program that is deployed after services are rendered. We take your feedback seriously and would like the opportunity to resolve any issues that you may have as expeditiously as possible. Please report any concerns via email to connect@taimeout.com and allow 2-3 business days for a response and reconciliation. If you require assistance, please call 202-341-5473.

Following the above avenues will avoid legal responses associated with liable, slander, and defamation of company character.

Refusal of services

Anyone using Tiffany Scales or “A Diamond Dollhouse” as their postop “nurse” we will not be able to service you. Should you choose to keep her as your post Op care provider you will receive a full refund immediately (Minus the $30 admin fee).

Taime Out Massage studios and associates reserve the right to deny services to clients should they feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or their ability to provide services in a healthy manner becomes compromised. Any financial retribution will be handled on a case by case basis resulting in either a 50% refund or 0% refund; either will be upon the discretion of the company.

Timeliness, rescheduling, and cancellation policy

If therapists travel to clients, there is a 5 minute setup timeframe. The duration of your session begins after the allotted 5 minute setup time.

1A. Time block policy (DMV only):Thank you for choosing Taime Out Massage Studios for your recovery and relaxation needs. Unlike many other services you’ve recieved before we provide a wide range of concierge where our therapists tackle elements & obstacles so you don’t have to. In our quest for greatness we’ve identified areas of opportunity for us to improve upon our professionalism, communication and service time for our clientele by introducing time blocks.

2A. Our therapists are perfectionists at their best; sometimes their artistry takes more time than originally allotted. As we move forward in trailblazing a path of customized one-on-one healing experiences we will be switching to appointment time blocks instead of exact times. We ask that you schedule your services on days where you have time to focus in on your recovery and relaxation needs. While the duration of your services may not traspire across the entire time block, your providers arrival and execution of services will occur during your assigned your assigned time block. This policy shift will cover life happening from situations such as faja assistance, traffic, weather delays, emotional breakdowns, inspirational breakthroughs, nutritional guidance and so much more.

3A. Our goal is our promise to provide the highest caliber of informational and relational healing available. Thank you for your patronage. We look forward to serving you.

4A If your therapist’s ETA is in default of the time block policy, you will be credited 10% of your scheduled appointment or be given the opportunity to re-schedule your appointment without incurring the same day Rescheduling fee.

5A. If due to unforeseen circumstances, if Taime Out Inc. and their associates has to reschedule your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, you will receive a 10% discount of your services for that day.

6A. If a client travels to therapist, the scheduled session time begins 5 minutes after entering the treatment room.

7A. If a client is more than 15 minutes late, they will be given the option to receive the remaining time of their scheduled service or reschedule for another day and will incur a $50 same-day reschedule fee; this will allow any prepaid deposits to be transferred to the rescheduled appointment.

8A. Same day appointment alterations due to oversleeping, not hearing the phone or front door, providing and confirming the wrong address, or not communicating your postop appointments will result in a forfeiture of said appointment. If your appointment is forfeited and you would like a same day reschedule to be fit back into the schedule you will be subject to a $50 fee due at the time of rescheduling.

MIAMI time policy: due to unforeseen circumstances associated with plastic surgery such as clients passing out, moving slow, loss of blood, and other health liabilities we are legally unable to leave clients in vulnerable states. Mixed with traffic, weather constraints, flooding, and acts of God we can not commit to exact times. You will receive the time the night before, and as the day progresses your therapist will update and confirm the time of their arrival.

XII. Appointments must be paid at time of scheduling

Post Op Packages may be paid in two payments.The payment plan allows clients to pay a 50 % deposit yielding a 50% balance of their package. The 50% deposit covers 40% of package services. If clients are on a package payment plan, the remaining balance is due before additional appointments are scheduled and executed.

There is a Non refundable $30 admin fee for all qualifying refunds.

XIII. Code of Ethics & Confidentiality Promise

Therapists & Contractors of Taime Out Massage Studios & affiliates will abide by the code of ethics as outlined is in the AMTA & ABMP by laws that can found at https://www.amtamassage.org/About-AMTA/Core-Documents/Code-of-Ethics.html including and with respect to our commitment to confidentiality. However, if during your treatment, thoughts/comments of suicide, harm of self or harm of others arise these concerns will have to be mentioned to professional respective audiences.

I have informed my therapist of any pre-existing conditions that I am aware of and this information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I will inform my health care provider and massage therapist if anything changes in my status. I understand that the massage/bodywork I receive is for the purpose of stress reduction, the relief from muscular tension, spasm or pain, to increase circulation in attempt to improve my aesthetic appearance. If I experience any pain or discomfort, I will immediately inform my massage therapist so that the pressure and/or methods can be adjusted to my comfort level. I understand that my massage therapist does not diagnose illness or disease, nor perform any spinal manipulations, and does not prescribe any medications/treatments. I acknowledge that massage is not a substitute for a medical examination or diagnosis and that I should see my health care provider for those services. If I am unable to attend my scheduled appointment, I will respect and abide by the set cancellation policies. Sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature will constitute as sexual harassment and will not be tolerated. I understand that I am receiving massage therapy at my own risk. In the event that I become injured either directly or indirectly as a result, in whole or in part, of the aforesaid massage therapy I hereby hold harmless and indemnify the therapist, their principals, and agents from all claims and liability whatsoever.

Policies subject to change and are applicable at date of inception. It is client’s responsibility to stay/remain informed of company policies and regulations. Last updated: January 2019