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Are you having a rough time during your Sx journey? Or maybe you have some questions specifically about YOUR body and just need some extra TLC and one-on-one time?
Are you currently in phase 1 out your Sx journey— and have soooooo many questions about what you need to pack, what to expect, or can’t seem to pick a doctor? Need some advice or help planning out your procedure? Or maybe you want to learn proper compression and faja techniques OR figure out how to self massage better? Sounds like you would benefit from a virtual body consultation with The Unicorn.

Dear Doll,

You’re probably wondering “what in the world is a Body Consult?!” A virtual body consultation is personal customized time set aside just for you to talk about whatever you need. It gives you a platform to mention alllllllll of the things going on with your body, and we come up with a cohesive plan to reach your goals. It’s different than the free coordinator consultations we offer as those are pretty generic and about the scheduling process; they won’t address your individual body needs.”

Whether its helping you plan your journey from the beginning… or losing weight, lowering your BMI, raising your Hemo, fixing your compression routine, teaching you how to self massage, showing you how to get into your faja, adjusting your diet, fixing your workout regimen. Fixing your supplements, teaching you what dry brushing is AND why it’s important, coming up with a daily plan AND structure to actually execute drinking a gallon of water a day vs saying you’re going to do all of this stuff and actually never do it.

The problem is most times we know WHAT we want and need to do, but we don’t know HOW to execute the strategies consistently to achieve the goals. I bridge the gap of where you are to where you want to be.

The benefits include:

      • (PreOp) being able to avoid common mistakes & ask ALL the preOp questions you have, calming your nerves
      • Cheaper then flying to me
      • Tweak diet and exercise regimen
      • Learn how to care for yourself
      • Speed up results: you just paid $5k+ for your body but you dont get to enjoy the benefits of it until 3/4 months later
      • Self massages speed up the process, learn how to do it yourself!
      • Learn to take care of your investment even if you are satisfied with your results

Don’t waste another second being frustrated. Come sit in virtual Taime Out and let me love on you… sign up HERE today.

Look forward to chatting with you,

Tai Hall,
Owner and CEO

Photo of Owner & Massage Therapist Tai Hall

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